What we do and who we are

Our boutique consulting firm aims helping its clients improve their decision-making process. We focus on situations that repeatedly face decision making in uncertainty. We believe that in such circumstances, decision making can be improved by means of data-driven and analysis-supported decision rules. To us, such an approach has multiple benefits, such as consistency, reduction of human/psychological biases, increased speed of decision making, ability to consider a large breadth of data, and the potential to consider non-obvious, complex, non-monotonic relationships. Our focus is on decision making as part of financial market investment processes. Our tools are statistical software, algorithms, and data. Our clients are asset managers.

Our services are primarily driven by our client’s needs and requirements. Depending on what our clients desire, we might help implementing individual research projects or design an end-to-end investment decision-making process that span automated data acquisition, processing, design and testing of algorithms and the inclusion of the final result in the process of our clients.

Florian Bardong, founder and managing director, has over ten years of experience in applying scientific research to investment processes. After finishing his PhD in empirical finance at Lancaster University, U.K., he joined Barclays Global Investors (BGI) as quantitative researcher in 2007. BGI became part of BlackRock in 2009, where he continued being part of the Systematic Fixed Income team until 2016, when he joined Citadel. In 2017, he left Citadel and set up SysAMI Advisors and a quantitative investment manager.


Address: SysAMI Advisors GmbH, Torgauer Str. 231-233, 04347 Leipzig, Germany

Contact: Tel: +49 341 271 0426, Email: info@sysami.de